Introduction to ZABOSS | Contracting

Co Founders Alex and Ivan Zabolotskiy have been installing flooring materials for the last 10+ years started this Company with the desire to change the flooring industry & custom home remodeling & renovating practices, by showcasing a much broader and imaginative use of design and material use.


Zaboss Contracting Inc. Didn’t come about because the world was desperately in need of another General Contractor and a Remodeling Specialist (Quite the opposite actually.) What the world did need, though – at least in our humble experience – was one General Contractor that could bring together the best of all worlds: A range of competitive installation prices, honest-to-goodness customer service. One point of contact that seamlessly provides an innovative new remodeling experience ~ creative water/fire damage restore ~ exotic flooring solutions.


Ultimately, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to visit you and your new project. Welcome to Zaboss Contracting Inc. serving you!